Human Resource Consulting

HR is a multi-faceted area that can create challenges for anyone. As a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Harry can help guide you. For more information on HR services Harry Hinkle & Associates offers, please see HR Consulting.

Executive Coaching

Sometimes, lending an ear to a trusted partner, can lead to magnificent results. Harry has more than a decade of experience in the executive coaching arena and holds a certification from the Executive Coaching Certification Program (ECCP) Institute of Organizational Development. Click here to learn more about how we can help.

Career Coaching

Harry Hinkle has over 15 years working as a career coach and also is a Certified Professional in Career Management, TalentGuard. Click here for more information on Career Coaching.

Life Coaching

As a Certified Master Life Coach, MLC, Accredited, Harry can assist you in achieving your personal goals. Click here to learn more about Life Coaching

What a "Human Resources Consultant" does and how they will engage with their client:"

Human Resource Consulting

Coach current human resources personnel (or responsible parties) by evaluating the hiring, retention, and exit processes of employees to assess their quality, efficiency, and effectiveness in supporting the strategy of their organization. Included in this evaluation is auditing the organization's compliance to applicable employment laws, as in the employee handbook, policies, and other related forms and practices; determining the value and effectiveness of employee engagement programs in place for providing feedback opportunities up and down your organization, and in maintaining a pulse on having a positive culture; assessing the development and training programs in place to prepare future leaders within your organization, along with supporting employees in having the required skills to be successful in their current roles.

The initial process is to identify with the client the major challenges, issues, and opportunities they are facing. The next step would be to determine the priority of what programs to introduce into the organization that will increase the organization's competitive advantage by aligning their strategy with a positive culture to have a strong bottom-line.

What an "Executive Coach" does and how they will engage with their client:

Executive Coaching

We will assist organizations in implementing an effective executive coaching program to build a positive and high-performance culture. Consideration will be given to using available tools and assessments to support having an action plan. The goal in having the action plan is to improve the abilities of senior managers to grow in their careers, skills and behaviors that will increase the overall performance of the organization.

One-on-one coaching is provided to senior managers to enhance their performance on their strengths, and to provide guidance in the areas that need development. The ending goals are for senior managers to have the leadership skills and confidence in their current and future roles.

What a "Career Coach" does and how they will engage with their client:

Career Coaching

You will receive guidance from a "Certified Career Coach" on performing a successful job search and making good career transition decisions. Especially when you are facing challenges in making a job search or career change. We will explore:

  • Career Assessments
  • Developing a Job Search Action Plan
  • Determining Career Alternatives
  • Using Websites Effectively
  • Creating a Target Resume'
  • Establishing Career Goals
  • Networking With Confidence
  • Having Engaging Interviews
  • Applying Online Effectively
  • Using Benefits of LinkedIn
  • More...!

A "Career Coach" assesses the client's experience, abilities, interests, and interpersonal skills as they relate to a job search, career path and career change. The goal is to prepare clients with having the tools and abilities to be at their best when networking, constructing a targeted resume, having positive interviews, including, answering elephant in the room questions with confidence. Clients can explore alternative careers and will receive guidance on how to evaluate in making the decision for a career change.

What does a life coach do?

Life Coaching

Deal with each client's issues, on an individual basis and facilitate with the client, the proper strategy, for their personal and professional needs. There are a large number of areas in life, of course, that could be a challenge to the client. The majority of them are usually:

  • Relationships
  • Unhappiness
  • Stress
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Work-Related Issues
  • Grief
  • Loss of Employment
  • Significant Life Changes

The list could still grow due to specific client concerns. The "Life Coach" is responsible for guiding people that are confused on what to do within one or more areas in his or her life. The "Life Coach" will have an agreed upon plan with the client in using a goal-setting process to achieve the results desired by the client.

Harry Hinkle Biography and Professional Background


  • Human Resources Experience 20+ Years
  • Executive Coaching Experience 10+ Years
  • Career Coaching Experience 15+ Years
  • Life Coaching Experience 15+ Years
  • For-Profit, Non-Profit, Corporations, Services, Manufacturing


  • MBA, Business, Bellarmine University
  • BA, Liberal Arts, Bellarmine University
  • Member: Society of Human Resource Management


  • Senior Professional in Human Resources, SPHR
  • Certified Master Life Coach, MLC, Accredited
  • Executive Coaching Certification Program (ECCP) Institute of Organizational Development
  • Certified Professional in Career Management, TalentGuard
  • Professional Certificate in Change Management (Michigan State University)

My Story

"I treat each client as though they are my only client. Success for me is to be a trusted partner with the client in exploring opportunities to meet their expectations in having success in both their personal and professional roles. So much the better if we include happiness in this journey."

Proud to offer the following testimonials

What some of our clients have said...

" Harry is a consummate professional. I needed someone who could come in and quickly evaluate our company policies and procedures to make sure we were where we needed to be. Then, to provide guidance to prepare us as we grow the company. We continue to use him as a resource and feel confident in his guidance as regulations change."

Mike Murphy
" Hi Harry!! I wanted to thank you so much for your time and motivation!!! Two weeks ago, I began my employment in Behavioral Health. Thanks again for all your help and time!!! Take care and as my brother told us, #KeepLivin."

Tina L. Brown
Psy.D.,CYT (Doctor of Psychology)
" Harry Hinkle is as dedicated to helping others in their quest to discover their gifts and talents and reach their potential as anyone I've met. He is an honest and very client-centric professional who is changing the future of the people he consults with. If you choose to engage with Harry, you can be confident he will work to find out what it is you need and strive to accomplish it."

Vicky Stevens
M.Ed., ODCP (Organizational Development Professional)
" Harry has been an excellent partner in keeping us HR compliant and policy ready when it comes to assisting us and becoming the very best employer that we can be for employees and our clients. Harry is extremely thorough and knowledgeable when it comes to providing information regarding current HR trends. I consider him to be a vital resource in sustaining and running our business."

Missy Walker-Mandy
" Harry was a key resource in my recent job search. His tools and insights were valuable. He was flexible on meeting times and locations. Believe I had a good return on investment for my time and expense."

Todd G.
Senior Project Manager
" Harry is a great listener and picks up on your strengths to determine what may be the right fit for you. He genuinely cares about your success and is the support you need to get through a tough job search. Harry s knowledge of the job market is top notch!"

Matt Dietz
Client Service Manager
"When our small business wanted to bring a new salesperson on staff, we hired Harry Hinkle to find candidates for the position. In a short time, Harry put the word out, interviewed prospects, and brought us three qualified people to interview. Harry did all the legwork, (we did not have the time or experience); and he shared his helpful insights during the hiring process. We believe working with Mr. Hinkle brought us a candidate who fits our company culture and will succeed in the sales position."

Mike Murray
"Harry was the partner I needed in my search. He provided me with challenging tasks that drove me to be my best. Together we revamped my resume, skillset, and communication methods. I was able to approach my search with a new set of tools, which provided me the confidence to successfully switch industries 20 years into my career."

Terry Tate
Technical Education Specialist

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